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Here is our news archive. All news regarding the Science Net are listed here. If you take a short look here you're always best informed!
Today's date is February 29th 2024.

11.06.00 19:00

Articles can be downloaded
Here's something new for our users: you can download an article with all pictures in a ZIP archive. So you can read it anytime you want and offline. Unfortunately, the two biggest articles aren't translated to English and so you can only download them in German via the German site. We're sorry but we haven't got the time for such a huge translation. But all other articles are ready to be downloaded, so don't wait any longer!
If you have problems with the archives, don't hesitate to contact us.

14.03.00 18:00

Now in English / New article
The Science Net is now available in English. Not all of our texts are translated yet but we're working hard.
By the way, there's a new article about the immortality of human beings and its possible consequences. It's worth to read it. We're waiting for your feedback!

21.02.00 15:00

Changed design and new domain
The Science Net is now accessible from our new domain. As a result of this the design has slightly changed.
We hope that you now better find your way around and we wish you much fun!
The Science Net-Team